Curbside Creativity

During this uncertain and scary time, Cape Cod Toy Chest is trying to supply entertainment to children and adults alike who are deciding to take appropriate precautions and social distancing. In order to get you the supplies you desire, we have developed “Curbside Creativity”.

Curbside Creativity is a temporary service so you can just drive up and shop. Think of it as food drive-thru but with toys and activity supplies!

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Call us Friday-Sunday 10am-5pm at 508-593-TOYZ(8699) to get some ideas and potential purchases ready. If you don’t get through right away, please try again shortly.
  2. Come on down Friday-Sunday 10:30am-5:30pm! Pull up to the side window between the posts and the PURPLE cones.
  3. Call the store again at 508-593-TOYZ(8699) or use the walkie talkie outside to further discuss and view your selections. We’ll quote your purchase.
  4. If acceptable, we’ll come out to you and grab your payment type.
  5. We’ll be right back out with your items, receipt, and credit card or change.
  6. Follow the ORANGE cones around until you see the GREEN exit cones.
  7. Enjoy your Imagination Nation!!!

Additional information during this difficult time:

  • You may opt to round up your purchase towards relief efforts around the community. Funds will be dispersed to needy families, businesses, and other struggling organizations.
  • We can not take credit card numbers over the phone or remotely, all payments still need to be made in person until further notice.
  • The Rewards Program will be temporarily suspended. Rewards Bucks can not be redeemed or accumulated.


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