Opening Day Is Coming!!

The announcement that most of the Mid-Cape has been waiting for is here!

Cape Cod Toy Chest is opening it’s doors! But when?!

Saturday, May 25th is the day that fun is reinvented starting at 10am. We’re excited to bring you a toy store that allows you experience fun ahead of time. So gather up the entire family, come on in, stay for a board game, draw on the chalkboard wall or dry erase counter.

We can’t wait to see you! Come Experience Some Fun!

Getting Closer and Closer…

It’s been a slow process and we know people are getting anxious, we are too! Things are moving along and the space is starting to show some character. Here are a couple shots of what has happened most recently…

We put down some fun, whacky, colorful carpet
Then we rolled in some of our shelving. It’s empty now, but not for long!

We really hope that the rest of the little projects go smoothly so that we can have a nice space for you and everyone you know to “Come Experience Some Fun!”

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

We hope everyone is enjoying their school vacation. Again we apologize that we are not open for you but customization of the space has finally resumed! Today some paint went up. You may be asking yourself “why would a toy store pick black for the wall? wouldn’t they want it bright and friendly?” Of course you make an excellent point… However… This is our chalkboard wall! One more coat and some dry time and it’ll be ready for some temporary art. We also painted another wall today and will paint another tomorrow. Which brings us to our first giveaway!!!! Tomorrow once we are finished painting, we will be posting a question on Facebook and Instagram (@capetoychest) and the first to answer correctly will win a prize! We look forward to your participation in our giveaways and more announcements will be coming soon!

Our Sign Is Hung!!!

We marked our territory…
“Come Experience Some Fun”

This past Tuesday we finally let the passing public know who and where we are. If you’re ever passing through West Yarmouth via Route 28, don’t forget to swing in and see how things are going. We’re optimistic about the work left to do inside and trust us when we say that it will be worth the wait. More announcements will be sneaking out, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on our website, Facebook, and Instagram (@capetoychest)!

Announcement Time!!!

Many have been wondering a lot about Cape Cod Toy Chest and that makes us excited. Our unique shopping experience will be a concept that the Mid-Cape has not seen yet. Unfortunately, some concepts take time to develop and get quite right. In our case, our concept of experiencing fun is ready to go…it’s our space that isn’t. Originally we were planning on opening on Saturday April 13th which is the first day of school vacation. Unfortunately the renovations are more extensive and time consuming than were portrayed. So we regret to inform you that we will be missing school vacation. A new opening date will be set soon and announced right away so you can make plans to come see us. All major announcements (and many more small ones) will also be on our Facebook page.

While we’re at it, let’s make a 2nd announcement! Cape Cod Toy Chest will be launching (not lunching) a YouTube channel! On our channel we will have weekly additions or editions. The episode could be the reveal of new products that just come in, or demonstrations of some existing toys, or footage from the events that took place in the previous days. We do encourage kids to actually play and interact instead of being glued to screens/monitors, but for those who can’t make it down to visit when they want, our YouTube channel will help us keep in touch. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@capetoychest) for other fun content!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

This past weekend was amazing! The community support that was shown at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was overwhelming. People came out to show how much they care for our law enforcement and how much they appreciate the ultimate sacrifice Sgt Gannon gave in the line of duty. On another positive note, this was Cape Cod Toy Chest’s official public unveiling. Our festive truck dressed up appropriately while carrying some enthusiastic helpers got a work out while hyping up the sea of people with candy and toys flying through the air. With about a month to go (renovations permitting), we’ll have the store decorated to the extreme, so much so that you won’t know where to look first.

Stocking Up!

Inventory has been rolling in over the past couple weeks. Don’t worry, it’s not all Funko Pops!, we have something for everyone! The store may not be open for about another month depending on renovations, but we assure you that when we do open those door, we’ll be ready and you’ll be amazed!