Events are BACK!

More events are in the works for November. Check back often for new additions.

Pokemon Club registration is open until 10/17!

Cape Cod Toy Chest has designed a club for kids (trainers) to learn the card game aspect of Pokémon. This battling game is very strategic when it comes to constructing battle decks and when to play certain cards during a battle along with a lot of math. We will do our best to help trainers understand the card game in greater depth.

Pokémon Club will meet on Wednesday evenings (most likely starting at 5:30pm) at Cape Cod Toy Chest and be held in a multi-week session, similar to camp. Depending on enrollment numbers, ideally four “Energy Groups” will be created and each Energy Group will have assigned meeting weeks. Each meeting will last for about 90 minutes. The schedule will rotate, so there will be some weeks when your Energy Group is not scheduled. Each Energy Group will have the same number of weeks.

An example could be (this is not finalized):

Week 1- Fire & Water          Week 2- Grass & Electric       Week 3- Fire & Grass

Week 4- Water & Electric   Week 5- Water & Grass         Week 6- Fire & Electric

Pokémon trainers are expected to supply the bulk of their own cards in order to construct battle decks. We will supplement decks with supporter cards and other cards that we think will greatly improve trainers’ ability to perform in a battle.

At the end of the multi-week session, we will have a PokéParty full of non-card games and food. We will also have a Pokémon Club Championship Tournament on the other side of the New Year for those club members who are interested.

Pokémon Club will have a one-time dues of $20 which is due on your first scheduled meeting week. Even though this club is designed to have more fun with Pokémon cards, we do encourage that only those who are truly serious about learning how to play the Pokémon card game sign up. This is not a club for collecting and trading. We hope for focused and inquisitive minds so that each Energy Group and the entire Pokémon Club becomes successful in Pokémon card battling.