Store Policies

Cape Cod Toy Chest is a “Mask Optional (Yet Encouraged)” store. All guests are encouraged to wear a mask regardless if they are vaccinated or not. The quick reasoning for this is that we are a small store and social distancing is difficult, we will not be checking vaccination cards. It is still important that we watch out for not only our health, but also the health of those around us. We do not judge or discriminate people’s choices to vaccinate or not, so EVERYONE is encouraged to wears masks while in the store. #maskup

Cape Cod Toy Chest is all about providing an experience that will nurture creativity and imagination in a safe environment. In order to maintain this atmosphere we ask a few things of our guests:

  • Please do not drop off your children. Even if they are attending an event, the children are still your responsibility and under your care.
  • Treat everyone in the store with respect. We expect guests to behave, to be kind, and to share with other guests of the store. It is expected that the occasional “meltdown” may occur, but please don’t let it influence how other guests are enjoying their time with us.
  • Food, drink, and animals (other than service animals) are prohibited.
  • Weapons of any kind are not welcomed unless required as part of an on duty uniform (i.e. police officer).
  • It should go without saying but stealing is prohibited and any guest caught or suspected of stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Smoking is not allowed within 12 feet of the front entrance.
  • Anyone suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to visit another time.
  • Footwear and proper dress is required at all time.

Return Policy

Cape Cod Toy Chest will accept returns of unopened toys within 30 days of purchase with proper proof of purchase. Within the 30 day timeframe a refund in the form of store credit will be issued. If items are returned with a gift receipt, then a gift card will be issued for the original purchase value of the item. Charitable donations are not returnable/refundable. Any opened/played with items, even within the 30 day return window, will not be accepted. New/unopened items outside the 30 day return window may not be accepted at the discretion of ownership. If an item is accepted by management outside the 30 day return window, a gift card will be issued for the original purchase value of the item. Cape Cod Toy Chest does not stock extra parts or pieces, so if something happens to be missing from the manufacturer’s packaging, many manufacturers have direct contact information available to get such replacement parts.

All of the above policies are set to ensure that you enjoy your experience here at Cape Cod Toy Chest and so that we’ll be here for years to come for you to “Come Experience Some Fun!”

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